Feygeles Installation Shot

Digitally embroidered velvet, goat and calf parchment pigment print, silver-plated yad, wooden rollers, custom silverplated crown. 

Feygeles aims to make visible that which has historically been hidden. Handmade contemporary Torah scrolls scrolls reveal photographs and interviews with LGBTQIA Jews who have struggled to find ways of integrating their history and family traditions with their sexuality and gender. Feygeles, a Yiddish slur meaning both gay and little bird, expresses both the Queerness of these Jews and their flight.

Each scroll is open to a different degree, just like the subjects’ identities. The scrolls (both visible and not) have printed images of Queer ex-Orthodox and Orthodox Jews. The subjects that are not out yet are kept safe and hidden in a closed Torah scroll with a digitally embroidered cover. Subjects who are out in varying degrees will be shown partially, and the final scroll displays a proud Queer Jewish couple embracing their child. 

This project is in honor of Eliyahu Ben Menachem Mendel. 

RISD Museum, Providence RI

ClampArt Gallery, New York NY

A.R.E.A. Gallery, Boston MA <-- Currently 

This installation is made possible by the Dorner Prize through the RISD Museum