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פֿייגעלע‎ / Feygeles

noun YIDDISH informal  offensive   
1.      a small bird
2.      a homosexual
Feygeles is a project showcasing photographs and interviews with LGBTQIA Jews from religious backgrounds who have struggled to find ways of integrating their history and family traditions with their sexuality and gender. Similarly to other very conservative religions, Orthodox Judaism does not support alternative expressions of sexuality or gender presentation, and individuals attempting to come out are often forced out of the community. As a result, it can seem as if there are no queer Jews in religious spaces. The name, Feygeles, expresses both the queerness of these Jews and their flight. In this project, I aim to make visible that which has historically been hidden and to give voice to the voiceless.
* Some of my images obscure the faces of the subjects in order to keep them safe.